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  Mobile/ Wireless Products

Mobile Online!

Mobile Online! makes it possible to get online and chat with your online friends even when an Internet-connected computer is out of reach. Stored on the SIM card of your GSM phone, this light Java application allows you to access your existing Internet instant messaging service account and exchange messages via SMS protocol.

MO! was first presented at SIMagine'2001, Worldwide GSM and Java Card Developers Contest that was held in Cannes in the framework of 3GSM World Congress, and where Novosoft Inc. won 'Innovation Award'.


Internet Instant Messaging Services unite a vast community of people who love to communicate and are always open to technological novelties. Over the past years, Short Message Service has also secured a huge user audience. Mobile Online! offers the benefits of IMS and SMS in one package, meeting the needs of both user groups.

Key Features

  • Send/receive messages/reply to messages within the instant messaging network of your choice;
  • Indication of your presence and status;
  • Contact list;
  • Indication of presence and status of other users;
  • Message history;
  • Advanced user search opportunities.



W-Domination is a multiplayer strategic SMS-game that creates an interactive environment where player gets the opportunity to become a ruler of a state and manage its different aspects, such as economy, army, diplomacy, science etc. W-Domination is a challenging game that attracts the youngest and most active part of the audience, which results in driving up messaging traffic and increasing revenue.


  • Maximum ROI with minimum investments;
  • User engaging and commercially proven;
  • Affordable;
  • Easy-To-Learn and Convenient.

Key Features

  • Engaging entertainment generating 50 sms per user a day on average;
  • Working on all types of handsets;
  • Highly extendable any number of mobile users could join and play;
  • No system administration needed; the service is reliable and stable.


SMS Center

As SMS continues to be increasingly popular among subscribers and the number of new SMS-based value-added services increases, operators more than ever need SMS-processing facilities with enhanced performance. As SMS messages are used in inter-subscriber communication, for system messages and as a bearer for other value-added services, selecting an SMS centre and the vendor are crucial to the operators' overall business.

Powerful, fast, scalable and cost-effective Novosoft SMS Centre allows GSM operators to easily process increasing text traffic and provide subscribers with value-added services based on SMS technology.


  • Future-proof: extendable performance from 200 sms/sec and higher;
  • Open interfaces for integration with external services over SMPP;
  • Robust and reliable solution based on Sun/Solaris platform;
  • Convenient tools for remote administration and monitoring.

Key Features

  • Multilanguage support (UCS2), transliteration support;
  • Non-text messages transmission: EMS, Smart Messaging, 8bit data messages;
  • Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) support: fast interactive data exchange between subscriber and applications;
  • Special message-handling features: users are offered a range of features, for example, forwarding of Short Messages, similar to call diversion for voice call messages;
  • E-mail to SMS Gateway;
  • Multiple addressing including international, short, local, alpha-numeric numbers;
  • Delivery priority support for better control of the SMSC workload and services' performance.