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  Marketing Services


In today’s highly competitive environment, companies need an extra edge, and many have found that high quality customer service can make difference in winning or retaining customers or loosing them. Our goal is to create a competitive edge for our clients by providing a wide range of research techniques custom-tailored to meet the company's specific goals and requirements. All information is compiled in clear informative reports that will help owners and managers create a more strategically focused direction for their company regarding products, positioning, new product introductions, operational aspects and improvements in daily processes.

Areas of expertise

  • Market Study & Competitive Research
    How big are the market segments for us in the most important markets/regions we cover already, do we fully penetrate them and which areas/market- segments/countries could furthermore be of interest to us? Where are we positioned in the markets vs. international competition, who is this competition - per market segment, what do they do and where are those competitors possibly better/worse than we are?
  • Product/Brand Tuning
    The promise and personality delivered in competitive advertising generally are the basis from which buyers form their opinions. The foundation of user-centered design is understanding your audience. We provide comprehensive usability testing services that allow you to understand the usability strengths and weaknesses of both current products and new prototypes. The outcome of a usability study is a set of recommendations you can immediately implement to reduce confusion and deliver a more appealing product to your customers.
  • Product/Web Site Development
    Our team of designers, programmers, and psychologists can contribute during any or all steps in the product/web site development process from conceptualization through implementation and continuing web site maintenance.
    Examples: Handy Backup
    Web Roller
  • Regional activities
    The possibilities of INTERNET/ INTRANET open new chances to the entrepreneur with regard to internal/external information and increase of profit/acquisition of new clients.


Our specialized services range from creative web management to strategic marketing and E-marketing solutions. Novosoft provides clients with multi-platform user interface design and marketing, brand identity development and execution and customer relationship management.

  • Building Web Presence
  • Data Processing
  • Net Research
  • Document Preparation
  • Layout and Design
  • Software Development
  • Translation