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  Lotus Domino Services

Lotus Notes developers team

The Novosoft Lotus team offers a full-cycle development of the applications based on Lotus Notes / Domino platforms.

Novosoft Inc. Lotus team is comprised of the IT specialists with strong background in development of Lotus Notes / Domino based applications. Although the team is highly proficient is other IT areas, Lotus based solutions is a core specialization of the department. Having such specialization enables the team to further grow its expertise in that field and provide our customers with very competitive Lotus Notes/Domino based solutions.

There are four types of solutions typically produced by our Lotus professionals. They are as follows:

  • Lotus Notes / Domino based basic and specialized applications,
  • Advanced integrated systems,
  • Application integration solutions, and
  • Other Lotus Notes / Domino based specific solutions.

Among the Novosoft most recent solutions are HR Workflow, Quality assurance document management system, Project Management System, Order management system, Internet search engine, Team management system reporter, etc.

Before the team starts developing any solution, it conducts a thorough analysis of the customer business needs to determine the most effective way to approach and resolve a customer's business problem. Extensive business experience allows the team to chose the tools and technologies that provide the best possible result to the customers in terms of money invested, time spent, and reliability of the employed technologies.

We welcome you to learn more about the Lotus team, skills and qualifications of its members, and the types of our Lotus Notes / Domino based solutions. We also invite you to find out how Lotus team can serve your needs. We are not promising miracles. All we can offer is a quality cost effective solution developed by a team of seasoned IT specialists.