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  Java Development

About JAVA developers team

Novosoft has been specializing in Java development since 1997. At present Novosoft Java developers team employs over 100 qualified Java developers on staff. This is an experienced group of high-quality software engineers with an object background, and with business and communication skills. All Java developers team members hold advanced university degrees and many of them are certified in various programming technologies including those of Sun, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, etc.

For the 5 years of work our team engineers have gained experience in a wide range of Java technologies and have completed a lot of challenging projects, some of which are estimated at approximately 50 man-years. Among our clients are IBM, Samsung America, Hewlett Packard (Agilent Technologies), US Department of Energy and others.

We have strong relationships with key technology providers such as Sun, Microsoft, IBM and Lotus. These relationships mean that we keep at the forefront of the latest software developments and can provide the most appropriate approach and solution for our customers.

Software engineering methodologies using CASE tools and structured programming techniques are followed by all our engineers. The same as our other areas of expertise, the Java development process is maintained in accordance with unified processes, therefore the customer can always be confident of receiving the results that desired when starting the project. The successful completion of huge R&D projects within the projected cost and time estimates bear testimony to this fact.

During the software development planning (SDP) stage, we analyze several alternatives choosing the one, which provides the best functionality at the lowest cost. We do optimizations within the bounds of whole project and its lifetime, taking into careful consideration all your business needs.

Novosoft Java Technologies

Novosoft has also developed a number of Java technologies that have been successfully used in a variety of internal and external projects.

  • Novosoft Foundation Layer for Java -- UML based object-relational (OR) mapping tool;
  • Novosoft Zebra for Java - UML based business process modeling tool
  • Novosoft UML library (NSUML) - meta data library supporting access to UML models in Rational Rose and OMG XMI formats
  • NSServlets - HTML macros language for developing lightweight Java servlets applications
  • Meridian - Authentication service compatible with JNDI and LDAP