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  IBM solutions

About IBM solutions team

The IBM solutions team at Novosoft exists since 2001. The team consists of the professionals with at least 5 years in the software development industry each. The team members hold professional certifications, such as Web services and DB2 certificates.

The team specializes in providing customers with top-notch solutions using a full suite of IBM tools. As an IBM Premier business partner, Novosoft developers have access to the most progressive IBM products and technologies. In some sense, we are among the world pioneers in applying latest IBM innovations to solving customer problems.

IBM technologies proved to be particularly effective in developing the following kinds of solutions: Web Servers, Security systems, and Portals.

It is important to highlight that software projects based on IBM technologies are typically complex and sizable ones. Customers benefit the most by outsourcing such lengthy projects to offshore developer companies, since cost savings for those kinds of projects are especially high.