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Application areas for Lotus Notes/Domino

Activities of modern organizations - both business corporations and government institutions - are based on interaction of employees, departments and external entities among each other. Controlled access to important information, re-use of previous work results, and document integrity protection are growing in importance.

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Internet: the latest trade opportunities

Information technologies represent the most rapidly growing domain of the world economy. Software products are being actively developed in the fields of Internet trading, electronic payment systems and e-commerce.

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Application of Web services technology in Health Insurance

Web services technology, which has been actively promoted by Microsoft, proves itself as an excellent tool for solving complex business tasks. The fundamental idea of this technology is in extracting some logical core from the system and working with that core exclusively through Simple Object Activation Protocol (SOAP).

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Microsoft .NET. What makes it attractive for the development of business processes?

DotNet is a new Microsoft initiative aimed at transforming computer world. More detailed, it is a set of development tools, servers, software, and services.

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