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  Quality Speed

Novosoft delivers high-quality solutions on time.

From short-term consultation work to large, ongoing projects, Novosoft's flexible and uncomplicated way of doing business allows us to respond rapidly to the changing dynamics of software programming in the global marketplace. Experience gained in more than eight years of international software-development-work enables us to provide you with a fast-track response to your individual needs.

Partnering with Novosoft saves you time because we immediately start working on the best solution to your programming needs from the first moment you contact us. We are flexible and can organize our working methods according to your needs and convenience. Our staff works round-the-clock, so we are able to provide you with customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Such flexibility ensures that the team working on your project will be organized to work around your schedule and toward your deadlines.

Our developers' and project managers' high level of experience, intelligence, and success-oriented motivation, along with their corporate quality management control allow Novosoft to deliver products quickly without compromising quality.

By using various Internet communication technologies combined with English as the company's language standard, Novosoft is able to effectively communicate with its customers and to understand their programming needs.

Novosoft constantly monitors the available resources within our workforce to ensure that we are able to sufficiently take on new projects. Our company's workforce can expand to meet the needs of our customers. Our resume database contains resumes of hundreds of qualified programmers, who are eager to work with Novosoft. Such flexibility allows us to continuously satisfy the increasing number of our customers.

The quality of personnel in Novosoft is also a factor to consider when speaking of Quality@Speed. So, why should your firm choose Novosoft? By choosing Novosoft, you reap the benefits of using some of the finest software programming minds in the world. It is hard to find equals of our Russian professionals. These individuals embody the outstanding standards of the scientific centers of Siberia and Novosibirsk State University. Novosoft programmers enjoy stable, productive lives because the work is brought to them, as opposed to sending them around the world to work on our various projects. Your firm can employ as many or as few developers as you need, for as long as you need them. Such freedom can be a major benefit to your company.