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  Quality Management

Quality is of utmost importance to Novosoft. Quality control activities, reviews, inspections, and tests are integral parts of our development processes. We have employ stringent quality assurance processes and methodologies based on ISO-9000.

Novosoft employs contemporary management approaches. Our production processes are based on the recommendations of Rational Unified Process and CMM Level 2, 3 specifications.

For facilitating our management and engineering processes, Novosoft relies on an internally developed Team Management System (TMS) application based on Lotus Notes.

Easy access to programmers and the solutions they offer, as well as customized answers to your problems, are some of the benefits of partnering with Novosoft. Our company epitomizes the philosophy of combining efficient management and project realization processes with cutting edge, programming skills and knowledge. This integrated methodology, coupled with the outsourcing nature of our firm, enables Novosoft to offer superior software programming services at a much lower cost than other firms in the West can offer.