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Offshore Programming is revolutionizing the way companies solve software development problems.

Offshore programming services are much less expensive to use than programmers, who are located in the USA or Europe. Many firms are finding that keeping in-house software development departments up-to-date is requiring more and more resources and investments than ever before. The current shortage of domestic programmers is making the use of offshore programming resources a necessity.

There are many advantages of using Novosoft's offshore development services:

  • It is only necessary to pay for the time required for the completion of your project.
  • You avoid extra overhead costs of having in-house programmers - no extra office space costs, no facility maintenance costs, and no extra employee insurance costs: nothing. You only pay for the number of work hours connected to your project.
  • Our programmers are there when you need them.
  • There is no need for hiring or firing your own staff, no need for training, or for any hassles related to employee management.

Such benefits add up to be convenience for you, as well as time and money saved.

The combination of Novosoft's very experienced and high-tech labor force with the difference in living standards between Russia and the Western world provides a unique opportunity, which allows us to offer you high-quality product development at a very inexpensive price.

At Novosoft, we give you offshore programming, the solution of the future, today.