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At Novosoft, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We are customer centered and are sensitive and responsive to our customerís needs. Novosoft is able to provide post-project customer support and is always ready for further fruitful cooperation with our customers.

We believe in the idea that it is easier to retain a current customer than to find a new one.

Novosoftís development services are available to a wide range of customers:

  • Companies that require the worldwide customization and implementation of their products can draw upon Novosoft's developer resources for permanent support and customization of these products at significant cost savings.
  • Any companies that need further development of their IT systems or in the integration of their business processes into e-business can rely on Novosoftís services and support.
  • Entrepreneurs, looking for venture capital, can utilize Novosoftís cost-effective and top-notch developers to implement their innovative ideas and to create hi-tech prototypes to use when securing investment for their projects.
  • Sole-entrepreneurs and, basically, anyone can use Novosoft to develop, customize, redesign, or upgrade their web-sites and web-applications.

We are ready to offer our high-quality assistance to any customers, who are looking for software developers and consultants that are able to enter into trustworthy relationship.